2019 World Transport Convention



Member of the Leading Party Members' Group, Executive secretary of CAST

Mengyong WENG

President, China Highway and Transportation Society


Chief engineer of Ministry of Transport


Vice Chairs

Youfang HUANG, President, Chinese Institute of Navigation

Chunfang LU, President, China Railway Society

Zuoming LIN, President, Chinese Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics 


Secretary General

Wenjie LIU, Vice President & Secretary General, China Highway & Transportation Society 


Deputy Secretaries General

Xiaojun SU, Deputy Director General, Department of Academic and Societies Affairs

Xingping LIU, Director, Service Center for Societies of CAST

Zhanjun GAO,   Deputy director general of  The third unit in the Chinese Academy of Engineering

Qun WANG, Secretary General, China Institute of Navigation

Fuhai MA, Vice President & Secretary General, China Railway Society

Song WU, Secretary General, Chinese Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Jinhua ZHANG Vice President & Secretary General, Society of Automotive Engineers of China

Yang CHU, Secretary General, China Air Transport Association

Jiuyi QIN, Deputy Director, China Center for International Science and Technology Exchange

Zhaorong WANG Deputy Director, Beijing Municipal Commission of Transpor


WTC General Office

Hanbo YOU, Director, WTC General Office



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