2019 World Transport Convention

Special Advisers

Gang WAN

Vice-Chairman, the CPPCC National Committee/President, China Association for Science and Technology/Minister, Ministry of Science and Technology

Chuantang YANG 

Vice Chairman of the National Committee,Party Secretary of the Ministry of Transport

Xiaohong LI

Party Secretary of the Chinese Academy of Engineering

Zhendong HUANG

Ex-Minister, Ministry of Communications

Shenglin LI

Director, Finance Committee of the National People's Congress/ Ex-Minister, Ministry of Transport

Zhihuan FU

Member of Chinese Academy of Engineering/ Ex-Minister, Ministry of Railways

Yongfu SUN

Member of Chinese Academy of Engineering/ Former Deputy Minister, Ministry of Railways


Chairman, International Road Federation

Hesham Mahmoud HELAL

Vice President, International Association of Institutes of Navigation


Executive Director, Transportation Research Board

Michael WALTON Ernest H. Cockrell Centennial Chair in Engineering, University of Texas at Austin



Jinpeng HUAI

Secretary of the Leading Party Members' Group, Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Secretary of CAST

Xiaopeng LI

Deputy Secretary and Minister of the Party Committee of the Ministry of Transport


China Academy of Engineering Dean


Vice Chairs

Huawu HE

Vice Chairman, CAST/ Member of Chinese Academy of Engineering

Changle XIANG

Secretary of the China Association for Science and Technology, Secretary of the Secretariat


Member of the Leading Party Members' Group, Director General of the Department  of Academic and Societies Affairs

Mengyong WENG

President, China Highway and Transportation Society


Chief Engineer of Ministry of Transport, Director of Policy Research Office

Youfang HUANG

President, China Institute of Navigation

Chunfang LU

President, China Railway Society

Zuoming LIN

President, Chinese Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Jun LI

President, Society of Automotive Engineers of China, Member of Chinese Academy of Engineering

Xianzhong LI, Director, Beijing Municipal Commission of Transport



Yuhe CAI, Secretary of the Party Committee & President, China Communications Newspaper Publishing House

Desheng CAO, Director, China Transport Telecommunication and Information Center

Jian CHEN, Director, China Center for International Science and Technology Exchange

Feng CHEN, President, Chang’an University

Fenjian CHEN, President, China Communications and Construction Co.,Ltd.

Shengying CHEN, President, the Transport Planning and Research Institute of Ministry of Transport

Renjie DENG, Vice General Manager, China Merchant Group Co.,Ltd.

Xining FENG, Secretary of Leading Party Group, Director General, Shanxi Provincial Transport Department

Xiong LI, Vice-general Manager of China Post

Yang LI, President, China Waterborne Transport Research Institute of Ministry of Transport

Kejun LI, Chairman, China Association of Communication Enterprise Management

Zuomin LI, Director, Road Network Monitoring and Emergency Treatment Center of Ministry of Transport

Xingping LIU, Director, Service Center for Societies of CAST

Hui LUO, President, Innovation Strategy Research Institute of CAST

Fengchao MENG, Chairman, China Railway Construction Corporation Co.,Ltd

Su SHANGGUAN, Director, China Association Highway and Waterway Engineering Construction

Baolin SHI, President, Scientific Research Institute of Ministry of Transport

Xiaojun SU, Deputy Director General, Department of Academic and Societies Affairs

Yuqing SUN, President, Dalian Maritime University

Boming TANG, President, Chongqing Jiaotong University

Min WANG, Chairman, Secretary of the Party Committee, Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Co., Ltd.

Qun WANG, Secretary-General, China Institute of Navigation

Ting WANG, Deputy Director General, Department of Research and Publicity, CAST

Jianghong WANG, Deputy Director General, Department of Planning and Finance, CAST

Qinglin WANG, Deputy Director General, Department of International Affairs, CAST

Shaopu YANG, President, Shijiangzhuang Tiedao University/Vice-Director, Chinese Society for Vibration Engineering/Director, China Railway Society

Wei YAN, Vice President, Shanghai Maritime University

Qingzhong YOU, Director-General, Jiangsu Communications Department

Xiaohan YU, Vice-Director, General Office of China Association for Science and Technology

Huaqin ZHANG, President, Tianjing Research Institute for Waterborne Transport  

Jinquan ZHANG, President, Research Institute of Highway Ministry of Transport  

Xigang ZHANG, Chief Engineer, China Communications Construction

Dingning ZHENG, President, Hong Kong Institution of Highways and Transportation

Jialin ZHU, President, China Communications Press

  (sorted in alphabetical order by last name)



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