2019 World Transport Convention


1. High Level World Transport Gathering

    ● World-wide top experts, scholars, enterprises presentations

        ● 500 typical companies and research products showcase in the exhibition

     ● Famous enterprises, universities, scientific research institutions presence and participation

   ● Including high-level key forums and different theme forums of different fields.

   ● The development of transportation industry and government public service, highway, bridge, tunnel, airport pavements domains, transportation organization technology innovation, modern logistics and equipment manufacturing, intelligent transportation and smart cities, the application and promotion of rail systems.

2. Valuable platform for transportation industry exchange

      ● Focus on Comprehensive, Smart, Green, and Safe transportation. WTC aims at establishing an international platform for all of the stakeholders of transport industry to share research findings and academic ideas, exchange successful practice and managerial trials, and explore business opportunities and global collaborations.

      ● Form a new integrated industrial technology innovation system from government top-design to user's actual requirements for government, production, study, and research.

3. Attractive competition of 2018 urban mobility innovation and college students bridge design competition

    ● The 2018 urban traffic innovation and creative design competition collect entries to solve urban traffic congestion, establish comprehensive transportation system, urban-rural integration, future urban traffic model, harmonious and integrated living environment.

    ● 2018 college students bridge design competition is open to college students, and the competition includes for aspects: bridge architectural design, structure design, material design and new concept bridge design.

4. Extensive media promotion platform

    ● Media will be gathered here, and the conference will be focused by CCTV, People's   Daily, XinHua and other central media, industry media such as China Road and China Communications, Internet media such as Sina, Tencent and Netease, as well as a large number of "we media" and overseas media.

5Belt and  Road International Transport Alliance preparatory working conference

        Determine short-term goals and key work after the normalization and institutionalization of the alliance, discuss the Charter of BRITA, discuss the list of recommended alliance council members, elect the first President, vice President, secretary general and deputy secretary general of the "Alliance", and discuss the establishment of the administrative organization of the alliance.

6CHTS standardzations and specifications release, application promotion and cooperation

      ● The conference will release a series of new "CHTS standards and specifications" and promote it among CHTS member organizations.



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