2019 World Transport Convention

Notice of the World Footbridge Award 2019

The missions of the World Footbridge Award 2019 are to promote the development of footbridges, and to encourage design and construction companies personnel who contribute to innovation and application of new technologies in footbridges.

China Highway & Transportation Society
Zhangjiajie Eastline Tour Development Co.,Ltd

     • The Bridge should have been completed and opened to pedestrians after January 1, 2010.
     • The Bridge should have been operated for at least one year.
     • Significant technological innovation should be demonstrated, including structural modeling innovation, construction quality leadership, cultural creativity, etc.
     • The design life of the candidate bridge is not less than 50 years.
     • The maximum 3 companies are allowed for one project. The members of one project must be no more than 9.
There is no charge for project declaration. The materials will not be returned after submission. The candidates should keep the manuscripts by themselves.

There will be rewards of three levels: Gold, Silver and Bronze. The total rewads in 2019 is RMB 500,000. After the expert review, determine the level of the winning project.
The award-winning projects will be demonstrated during the World Transportation Convention (WTC), Beijing, China, on June 13, 2019.
Awards and certificates will be awarded to the award-winners, and trophies and certificates will be awarded to the award-winning companies.
If the application is found to be fraudulent or plagiarized, the reward will be revoked.
The final interpretation of this award belongs to the China Highway & Transportation Society.

5. Entry’s Official Submission
Please browse the official website of World Transport Convention, www.wtc-conference.com, for the electronic copy of the notice.
Complete the files including “Project Basic Information Form” (see Annex 1), “Project Company Information Form” (see Annex 2), “Project Personal Information Form” (see Annex 3), “Project Details Requirements” (See Annex 4).
One candidate can submit one or more projects, but one project can only be submitted for one time.
Two hard copies of each project need to be delivered to the China Highway & Transportation Society. The electronic version shall be emailed to gonglukepu@163.com at the same time.
The language of the entry is English or Chinese.
The deadline for submission is May 10, 2019.

Tel: +86-10 6428-8790   +86-10 6428-8791
For more information can also contact the organization committee by email address: gonglukepu@163.com. The hard copies are required to submitted by courier with the following details:
To: Ms. Qian Kang
Address: Room 203, Block 1, No.17, Anhualu, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100011, P.R. China


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