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Notice on 2018 World College Student Bridge Design Competition


To whom it may concern,

The 2018 World College Student Bridge Design Competition (hereafter as “Competition”) is hosted jointly by China Highway & Transportation Society (CHTS) and CCCC Highway Consultants Co., Ltd (HPDI) to bring out the best in Students with bridge or related majors of their interest and potential, develop their capability of originality and sense of teamwork and bring up more innovative, practical and inter-disciplinary talents. The specific issues regarding the Competition are detailed as below:

1.The Competition Aims to

  • Guide teachers to pay great attention to students’ sense of innovative design, integrated design capability and also spirit of teamwork while teaching;

  • Enhance students’ training for practical skills and promote their bridge design ability with original way of thinking and actual design requirements;

  • Attract and encourage more students to actively participate in extracurricular science and technology activities and provide opportunities for the talented to show themselves;

  • Find out and cultivate more professional bridge designers and expand the talent pool for World Bridge.


Hosts: China Highway & Transportation Society (CHTS)

    CCCC Highway Consultants Co., Ltd (HPDI)

Supporting Media: xinhuanet; gmw.cn; Tencent; kepuchina; official website of China Association of Science and Technology (CAST); chinahighway.com; China Highway journal etc

The Competition’s organizing, review and evaluation and publicity works are undertaken by its Organization Committee (OC) and the OC’s Secretariat will be responsible for other routine works to make sure its smooth progress.

3.Bridge Design Requirements

The bridge’s surroundings and applicability for entries are described below:

3.1 The bridge is to span large body of water as rivers, lakes and the sea etc, be located in deep mountain valleys or situated on other places with typical topographic features;

3.2 The bridge location’s terrain, geography, climate, weather, hydrology, geology, seismic features, impact, temperature, loads etc and technical standards for design are decided by the designers themselves and to be detailed together with adopted parameters in the design proposal and notes;

3.3 Bridge is to be with more than 50m main span, 50m to 5000m long and 5m to 50m wide with span composite up to the designers;

3.4 The bridge types allowed and design items required are as below:

As per its purpose, the bridge may be Highway Bridge, Railway Bridge, Municipal Bridge, Landscape Bridge, Pedestrian Bridge and Bridge for composite purposes etc;

As per its structural features, the bridge may be Suspended Bridge, Cable-stayed Bridge, Arch Bridge, and Girder Bridge, Composite, Mixed and Cooperative-system Bridge and New Concept and Future Bridge etc;

The design shall include bridge components as tower, arch rib, beam, pier, cable, bridge deck facilities and its composite etc;

Materials shall include steel, concrete, composite and mixed materials, and new materials;

Construction method shall be advanced and with good applicability;

4.How to Join the Competition

4.1 Target Participants

The Competition is open to the worldwide college students, including postgraduate, undergraduate and vocational college students.

  1. Participants’ Requirement
  2. Both group and individual are accepted;

  3. The design is to be submitted with the seal of college (department);

  4. The maximum member of one group for one design is 5;

  5. The maximum number of advisors for one design is 2;

4.3 Entry Attachments for Official Submission

Fill out Annexure 01: Application Form for 2018 World College Student Bridge Design Competition and Annexure 02: Design Notes for 2018 World College Student Bridge Design Competition where the design notes are to be printed out on no more than 20 pages A4 paper with one-side slide with less than 15,000 words;

Main design drawings including plan, structure details, construction methods etc are to be in A3 papers and less than 10 pages;

Design sketches must be colored in A3 layout and not be longer than 5 pages.

4.4 Entry’s Official Submission

Both hard copy and soft copy are required for official submission, where the soft copy is to be emailed to the designated mail address and the hard copy delivered to the Secretariat by courier;

The design concept is to adhere to the idea of being safe, applicable, durable, aesthetic, friendly to environment, energy-saving, easy for construction, management and maintenance where no less than 3 are to be embedded in each entry;

The maximum entries for one participant are two and each entry is to be in a book separately;

The specification and standard adopted shall be specified and plagiarism is strictly forbidden;

The software and programs employed are to be legal and in full compliance and the participants are at their own risk for entries’ technical similarity, plagiarism and intellectual property dispute etc;

The language of the work is English or Chinese;

Please go the official website of World Transport Convention, www.wtc-conference.com, for the electronic copy of the Competition’s Notice.

The entries shall not be returned as submitted and the designers are to keep the manuscripts by themselves.

4.5 Key Dates

The date for entry submission starts from today and ends at May 10, 2018.

4.6 Legal Issues

The Hosts own the rights to use submitted entries without extra payment and retain rights for post technical reproduction for publications, albums, videos, model circulations, technical promotion etc.

5.Review and Awards

The OC will select the worldwide famous bridge experts to form panel of review who are to conduct comprehensive review and evaluation for the entries as per the design purpose, concept, effect, and value etc;

The awards are as following:


Number of Prize

Prize-money (Yuan)

Grand   Prize



First   Prize



Second   Prize



Third   Prize



Prize   for Excellence



Prize   for Excellent Advisors



Prize   for Nominee


Certificate   for honor only

The on-site Final is to be held in June, 2018 during the World Transport Convention (WTC) where the prize-winning designs shall be granted with solemn commendation.


The hosts’ telephone numbers are as below:

CHTS: +86-10 8425-6719

HPDI: +86-10 8201-7036/7035/7705

Welcome to join the QQ group chat with ID of 255068693 for more information and please submit the softcopy to the email: gonglukepu@163.com and the hard copy by courier with the following details:

To: Ms Kang Qian

Postcode: 100011

Address: CHTS building, Area 3, Anhuaxili, Chaoyang District, Beijing, PR China



01: Application Form for 2018 World College Student Bridge Design Competition

02: Design Notes for 2018 World College Student Bridge Design Competition



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 January 1, 2018


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