2021 World Transport Convention

Flight Technology

CODE Technical Committee (TC) Name Institute Position
HK0601 Flight Quality and Safety Wang Hongjian(Chair)Civil Aviation Flight University of ChinaPositive Pilot
Li Yi(Co-chair)Civil Aviation Flight University of ChinaPositive Pilot
Dai Runzhi(Member)Shanghai Aircraft Airworthiness Certification Center of CAACSenior Engineer
Luo Song(Member)Jiang Xi Aircraft Airworthiness Certification Center, CAACsenior engineer
Quan Jingze(Member)Shenayng Aircraft Airworthiness Certificaition Center of CAACDeputy Director
Cao Jiangwei(Member)Shandong Airlines CO., LTD.Flight instructor
Gao Jie(Member)China Southern Airlines Guangzhou Flying CorpsCaptain/QAR Analyst
HK0602 Intelligent Flight and Single Crew Chen Dong(Chair)China Civil Aviation Flight AcademyFirst Class Pilot
Li Zhengquan(Co-chair)Civil Aviation Flight University of ChinaFirst Class Pilot
Zhao Mingda(Member)Eastern Airlines Co., Ltd.pilot
Bai Chen(Member)Aircina shouthwestflight instructor
Wei Da(Member)Shanghai Aircraft Airworthiness Certification Centertest pilot
Zhao Shuguang(Member)China United Airlinespilot
Shi Xiangqian(Member)China Southern Airlines Guangzhou Flying CorpsClass B Instructor/Technical Management