2021 World Transport Convention

World University Students’ Bridge Design Competition

The World University Stuedents' Bridge Design Competition 2020 and 2021 will be held together. For more information, please follow the latest announcement on our website.


The following is the information for the competition in 2019, as a reference.





The World University Students’ Bridge Design Competition 2019 (“Competition”) is a competition that challenges the students to develop a practical bridge design project.It helps the students grow their interpersonal and professional skills, encourages innovations and fosters practical and inter-disciplinary talents.



Guiding teachers to enhance focus towards students’ sense of innovation, integrated design capability as well as spirit of teamwork while teaching.

Developing students’ practical skills and helping them build a bridge between the engineering principles and real world of the bridge engineering.

Attracting and encouraging more students to actively participate in science and technology activities that provide opportunities to exhibit their talents.

Providing a platform to cultivate a talented pool of bridge professionals.



China Highway & Transportation Society (CHTS)

CCCC Highway Consultants Co., Ltd (HPDI)


4.Bridge Requirements

The bridge is to span valleys, rivers, lakes and seas, or other places with typical topographic features.

The bridge location’s terrain, geography, climate, weather, hydrology, geology, seismic features, impact, temperature, loads etc and technical standards for design are decided by the designers themselves and to be detailed together with adopted parameters in the design proposal and notes.

The total bridge length shall be between 50 and 5,000 meters with minimum span length no less than 20 meters, and bridge width between 4 and 50 meters.

The bridge type may be Suspension Bridge, Cable-stayed Bridge, Arch Bridge, and Girder Bridge, Composite, Hybrid-system Bridge and New Concept or Future Bridge etc.


5.How to participate in the Competition

5.1 Audience For This Competition

The university/college students.


5.2 Participation Requirements

A team or individuals.

The design must be sealed/stamped by university (department) of each team member, if any.

The project team can be formed by different schools and disciplines with members no greater than 5.

The Maximum two advisors, who are university employees, are allowed for one project.


5.3 Official Submission Instruction

Complete Application Form for 2019 World University Students’ Bridge Design Competition and Design Notes for 2019 World University Students’ Bridge Design Competition.

The hard copy of Design Notes shall be A4 single-sided printing with total length less than 20 pages or 15,000 words.

The plan, structure details, construction methods etc should be less than 10 pages in A3 papers.

Design sketches must be colored in A3 layout and be no more than 5 pages, and the submitted electronic version shall be in jpg format.


5.4 Entry’s Official Submission

Both hard copy and electronic version are required for official submission. The electronic version is to be emailed to the designated email address and the hard copy delivered to the Secretariat. The email title is “school + name of the project+ name of first author ”.

Adopted specifications and standards shall be specified and plagiarism is strictly forbidden.

The software and programs employed for project must be legal and in full compliance. The participants are at their own risk for entries’ technical similarity, plagiarism and intellectual property dispute etc.

The language of the entry is English or Chinese.

Please browse the official website of World Transport Convention, www.wtc-conference.com, for the electronic copy of the Competition’s Notice.

The entries will not be returned after submission and the designers should keep the manuscripts by themselves.


5.5 Key Dates

The deadline for entry submission is May 15, 2019.


5.6 Legal Issues

The organizers reserve the rights to use the submitted entries without extra payment and have rights for post technical reproduction for publications, albums, videos, model circulations, technical promotion etc.



There will be prizes for special, first, second, third place and excellence award prize, as well as excellent instructor and outstanding organization awards.

The reward ranges from RMB2,000 to RMB30,000. The organization committee will organize a review committee to conduct comprehensive review and evaluation for the entries in terms of the design purpose, concept, effect, and value etc.

There are two evaluation stage, preliminary and final evaluations in entry revuew.


6.1 Preliminary Review

The preliminary evaluation is in the form of the expert meeting.

The scoring is based on the 100-point system, which include design concept and environmental harmony (40 points), bridge structure system (30 points), design drawings, introduction to project and renderings (30 points). The scoring is classified as outstanding, good, pass, and fail.

According to the score of each work line, the top 10, third prize, excellence award will be selected. The top 10 of the total score of the works into the final evaluation, that is, the on-site finals.

The total number of winning entries shall not exceed 35% of the total number of entries in that year.


6.2 Final Evaluation

The projects with top 10 scores are selected for final competition. Contestants will present their works (8 minutes), answer the questions (5 minutes). The judges will score each portion and select 1 special prize, 3 first prize and 6 second prize based on the scoring of each project.

The live finals will be held on a 10-point scale. The basic score is 8 points, and the other two score criteria are: whether the site introduction is highlighted and clear (1 point), and whether the site answer is concise, reasonable and accurate (1 point). The score is the sum of the base score 8 points and the field score with two decimal. If the identical scares occur, the expert group shall further review the projects and vote for a resolution, and the majority of votes shall prevail.


6.3 Award

The Final will be held at the World Transportation Convention (WTC), Beijing, China, on June 13, 2019. For those top 10 final wining projects from abroad, the organizing committee will provide the flights to Beijing for two people, and accommodation for two days (June 12, 13, 2019. one student and one teacher) to participate in the final competition. The participants shall pay accommodation for any extra days they stay.


7. Contacts

Please contact the undersigned for details:

CHTS: +86-10 6428-8790

HPDI: +86-10 8201-7036/7035/7705

Welcome to join the QQ group chat with ID of 255068693 for more information and please send a question and submit the softcopy to the email: gonglukepu@163.com and the hard copy by courier with the following details: