2019 World Transport Convention



WTC 2019 Expo

WTC 2019 Expo will take place simultaneously in the convention  which will be held in zone C and E exhibition halls of National Conference Center from June 14 to 16, 2019, covering an area of 37,000 square meters, and the audience attending the conference is expected to be more than 50,000.

The expo will show the latest technology and engineering project of transportation, especially intelligent engineering, intelligent management, intelligent manufacturing, and new systems, equipment, materials, solutions and other technological achievements, thus offering a high-end platform for transportation communication, forming a new integrated efficient and practical industrial technology innovation system from government top-design to user's actual requirements for government, production, study, and research. We will invite represenntatives form various organizations and departments to visit the expo, and it will open to audience on June 15 to 16.




Interior Net Area (at least 36)

1500 RMB/


Each 25800 RMB for One Period

Technology Seminar


40000 RMB/30 MINS



Inside Front Cover

38800 RMB

Inside Back Cover

33800 RMB

Colour inside pges

18800 RMB

Back Cover

46800 RMB

Enterprise Profile(About 500 words)

2500 RMB

Expo Proceeding Advertisements

Back Cover

19800 RMB

Inside Front Cover

16800 RMB

Colour insert

9800  RMB

Inside Back Cover

10800 RMB

Online Advertising

Web Icon

5000  RMB/3 Months

Enterprise publicity

3000  RMB/Each time

Information distribution

Information center

20000 RMB/Each time



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