World Transport Convention 2024 (WTC 2024) Call for Papers

Date:2023-11-16 Origin:中国公路学会

The World Transport Convention (WTC) is an international conference jointly supported by domestic and foreign transport science and technology organizations. It will feature industry forums, technical presentations, as well as paper and poster sessions. The WTC serves as a platform for researchers, scholars, practitioners from around the globe to present their work, share their experience, discuss cutting-edge technical issues, and explore solutions to common challenges the transportation industry faces today. The WTC 2024 is scheduled to be held in Qingdao, Shandong Province in June 2024. In order to promote academic exchanges and technological progress in the industry, papers are being solicited from transportation and related fields at home and abroad. Below are the instructions for papers:

I. Scope of papers

Full paper or extended abstract in either Chinese or English in Highway Engineering, Bridge Engineering, Tunnel Engineering, Traffic Engineering, Transportation planning, Waterborne Transportation, Rail Transit, Air Transportation, interdisciplinary areas and other fields, involving academic research, technological innovation, experience summary, engineering practice and industrial development.

II. Requirements

1. The purpose of this call for papers is to encourage academic exchanges. Both unpublished and published papers are allowed. If a paper is accepted after review, the author can participate in the conference and make a presentation.

2. Unpublished papers can be submitted in the form of a full paper or extended abstract. A full paper submitted should be authentic and original, and must not be plagiarized from any papers which have been previously published, presented, accepted for publication, or are under review by any other publications or conferences.

3. Previously published papers should be submitted only in the form of an extended abstract.

4. The full papers or extended abstracts submitted must not involve confidentiality issues, and the author bears sole responsibility for their views.

5. The full text of the paper should not cover more than 7 pages, and the length is preferably less than 5,000 words. The length for an extended abstract is preferably approximately 1,000 words.

6. At least one author is required to give a presentation at the conference once the paper is accepted (relevant registration fees are involved).

III. Inclusion and publication of papers

1. The Proceedings of the World Transport Convention 2024 will be published. Also, a compendium of abstracts in electronic format will be sent out to all participants as a conference guide book.

2. If you are an author of a full paper, you can choose one of the following methods: 1) have your paper included in the conference proceedings and give a presentation, 2) have your paper included in the abstract compendium and give a presentation, or 3) only give a presentation. If you are an author of an extended abstract, you can choose either to have your paper included in the abstract compendium and give a presentation, or to only give a presentation. Previously published papers must be submitted in the form of an extended abstract and you can only choose “only give a presentation”.

3. Authors of the proceedings can decide whether it can be retrieved by CNKI. Inclusion in other forms will not be retrieved by CNKI.

IV. Submission and participation

1. Please download the submission template for full paper or extended abstract at “Submission” or “Download Center” on the website of the conference.

2. Please submit your paper on the website of the conference: The submission function will be enabled on December 6, 2023. Please register an account to submit your paper. Those who have an account can log in directly.

3. When submitting your paper, please select the WTC division or discipline and technical committee according to the research area.

4. After receiving the acceptance notice, the author should pay the participation fee in a timely manner to ensure your participation.

5. The email address is the sole identity credential for the author to register to attend the conference and submit the paper. Please make sure to use the same email address so that the paper is consistent with the participating author.

6. In order to encourage more authors to attend the conference, at most 2 papers are allowed for each registered account.

V. Important dates

1. Submission start date: December 6, 2023.

2. The deadline for papers “to be included in the proceedings and give a presentation”: February 23, 2024.

3. The deadline for papers “to be included in abstract compendium and give a presentation” and “give a presentation only”: March 5, 2024.

VI. Contact details