Advance Notice on the Convening of 2024 World Transport Convention

Date:2024-04-12 Origin:中国公路学会

To whom it may concern,

The World Transport Convention (WTC) is an international academic conference and exhibition platform in the field of transportation jointly supported by domestic and foreign transportation science and technology organizations. Since its establishment in 2017, WTC has had a great impact on the domestic and foreign transportation industry.

The 2024 World Transport Convention (WTC2024) will be co-hosted by China Highway &Transportation Society, China Institute of Navigation, China Railway Society, Chinese Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China Society of Automotive Engineers, and China Air Transport Association, supported by relevant industry authorities, as well as domestic and foreign transport research institutions, universities, enterprises, public institutions and social organizations.

Under the theme of “New Transportation in Change”, the WTC2024 covers academic exchanges, technical seminars, international cooperation, scientific and technological competitions, think tank reports and release of scientific and technological achievements. The WTC2024 is scheduled to be held in Qingdao cosmopolitan Exposition from June 26 to 29, and the 2024 Transportation Technology Expo will be held at the same time. Notice on the convention is given below.

I. Date, venue, languages

Date: June 26-29, 2024

June 26 – Delegate registration and closed-door meetings, with the opening ceremony and keynote speech session in the afternoon;

June 27-29 – Parallel forums and special events;

June 26-28 – 2024 Science and Technology Expo.

Venue: Qingdao cosmopolitan Exposition (No. 7977 Binhai Avenue, West Coast New District, Qingdao City, Shandong Province)

Languages: Chinese, English

II. Main content

The WTC2024 consists of the opening ceremony and keynote speech session, parallel forums, release of scientific and technological achievements, and featured events (see Annex).

III. Participants

1. Distinguished guests: leaders of relevant ministries and commissions, representatives of international transport organizations, academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, national engineering survey and design masters and other industry leaders.

2. Representatives of the transport industry: representatives of the transport departments of various provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government; representatives of highway, railway, water transport, aviation, and automobiles; representatives of transport colleges and universities as well as research institutions; representatives of transport enterprises; members of transport associations at all levels.

3. Representatives of relevant industries: representatives of enterprises and public institutions such as housing and construction departments, science and technology departments, trade promotion departments, municipal administration as well as finance and investment.

4. Organizational members: members of the Organizing Committee, Executive Committee, Scientific Committee and Academic Sub-Committee of the World Transport Convention.

5. Authors of papers.

6. Representative journalists, etc.

IV. Delegate registration and payment of fees

1. Please log on to the WTC website or the mobile phone (choose one method) to register and pay fees.

Method 1: Log in to the official website of the conference and select the English page to register and pay fees ( International students in China select the Chinese language page to register, upload the student ID and subject to review before enjoying the student representative price.

Method 2: Participants scan the QR code, and click “Participation and Exhibition Registration” to register and pay fees (registered participants can directly log in).

2. Due to the security requirements of the conference, all participating representatives must register with their real names and bring their ID cards to the conference.

3. After successful registration, you can pay the conference fee (including material fee, conference fee, and working lunches on the 27th-29th) by transferring the fee through business-to-business account or paying the fee on site (choose one method). Travel, accommodation and meal expenses are borne by participants. Authors should complete the payment in advance according to the review notice.

4. Proof of full-time schooling is required for the enjoyment of student discounts.

Registration Fee

Early Bird Registration

Before May 15, 2024

310 USD

Regular Registration

After May 16, 2024

350 USD



210 USD

5. If you need corporate transfer payment (USD remittance) , Please remit money to the following account and be sure to note the representative’s name and participation number.

Payment Details:

Beneficiary: China Highway &Transportation Society

Address: 2nd floor, No.37 Building, Heping Street,Zone 11, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Account No.: 0200203309020185823

Name of Bank: Beijing Municipal Branch Beisanhuan Sub-BRANCH, ICBC

Bank Address: 38 Building,11th district Hepingjie, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Post Code:100013


6. If you require a receipt for the conference fee, please send an email indicating “application for invoicing + participation number” to China Highway & Transportation Society will issue the receipt 10-15 working days after the meeting. You can log on to the registered account to download.

7. Participants who are unable to attend the convention for any reason and apply for a refund can send an email named “application for refund + participation number” to before 24:00 on May 26, with the attachment showing the payment method and payment voucher. No refund will be processed after the closing date.

V. Contact details

Conference affairs: 010-64288757/8767

Exhibition and cooperation: 010-64288756/8892

Forum: 010-64288863/8762/8761


QQ consulting group: 826709358



Main events of the 2024 World Transport Convention


China Highway & Transportation Society

April 12, 2024