2021 World Transport Convention

WTC 2018 has been crowned with complete success


With the theme of“Better Transport, Better World”, WTC 2018 is composed of six major parts: opening ceremony & keynote presentations, the "Belt and Road " special activities, technical sessions & workshops, transport sci-tech expo,and 2018 college student bridge design competition, as well as  WTC think-tank product release and special activities. WTC is grand event covering"Conference, Exhibition, Competition, and Conversation", the convention consisted 59 workshops, 9 special events, 890 oral technical sessions and 230 post session papers; besides, more than 240 famous enterprises, research institutes and universities at home and abroad took part in the expo. WTC 2018 attracted over 7500 participants incluing ,researchers, scholars, practitioners and distinguished guests form more than 50 countries and regions came to the conference, such as China, the United States, Britain, Germany and Japanetc.




Opening Ceremony: Ministers from Six Countries Exchange Ideas

On June 19,WTC 2018 opened in China National Convention Center(CNCC),Beijing.Mr.Jinpeng HUAI, Honorable Secretary of the Leading Party Member’s Group, Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Secretary of CAST,Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Mr.Xiaopeng LI, Honorable Minister of the Ministry of Transport,and Huawu HE, Vice Presidentof Chinese Academy of Engineering atttended theopenning ceremony and gave addresses.Honoral Ministers from Nigeria, Latvia, Myanmar, South Sudan,and Nepal as well as Chairman of International Road Federation delivered speeches at the openning ceremony.


Mr.Jinpen HUAI said, scientific and technological innovation is promoting China's transport development, making it a new driver of China's social-economic development.High-technology featured Chinese transportation system, including modern transportation technology, intelligent transportation operation and maintenance system, information logistics network system, is changing China in a fast and in-depth manner.


Mr. Xiaopeng LI said, in recent years, China had already made great progress in comprehensive transportation infrastructure, transportation security capacity, industrial governance system, as well as scientific and technological development. China will work hard to improve its transportation to world level, firmly follow the strategy of socialist modernization, strengthen top-level design and consolidate China's economic foundation. 


Mr.Huawu HE said, currently, a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industry reform is on the way, the in-depth global industry restructure and world competition shifts converged as China was undergoing an economic boom. Indeed, the in-depth integration of transport industry and national economy would undoubtedly reshape China's economic geography, upgrade China's resource allocation, and bring up new industry and new development mode.

After the opening ceremony,renowned experts from China,The United States and Japan made 6 keynote presentations. They talked about issues related to modern transportation industry, including electric, automatic and shared changes in transportation industry, application of Beidou system in transportation industry as well as the assessment of frontier view and strategic development of scientific and technological innovation.

BRITA:WTC as a permanent platform for cooperation and communication

On June 18, more than 80 Member representatives from over 20 countries are gathered in Beijing to attend Belt and Road International Transport Alliance (BRITA)Preparatory Meeting.As an important part of WTC2018,the meeting mainly discussed the charter and institutions of BRITA,cooperation mode among colleges, companies as well as organizations and main tasks and plans in the short-, medium- and long-run after the set up of the alliance.Besides,the meeting also discussed specific issues related to the set up of the alliance,including the set up of a working group for the alliance.

It is said that so long as the alliance is in place, it will be the co-organizer of WTC for future, thus making WTC the permanent platform forum for BRITA members to communicate and cooperate.

Besides, series of Belt & Road thematical symposiums were held during the WTC2018, including "Belt and Road" International Transport Symposium, and the 2nd China-Africa Transport Cooperation Symposium. It is estimated that more than 800 distinguished guests from over 50 countries attended the conference.

Expo: Showcase New Concept, New Technology and New Mode of Transportation




As an important part of WTC2018,transport science and technological expo, with more than 30,000 square meters, brought together over 150 companies,more than 50 colleges,and over 40 institutions showcasing scientific and technological achievements include expressway, high-speed railway, bridge, tunnel, intelligent technology, low-carbon environmental protection technology, sustainable development model and shared economic model. Besides, the expo also displayed the development of transport science and technology 40 years after reform and opening up,exhibited transport scientific and technological innovation achievements, showcased new concept, new technology and new mode with the help of companies including Alibaba group, China Academy of Transportation Science as well as China Communication Construction.

Bridge Competition: A Talent Show for College Students


“Thanks to WTC, latest specifications and reports were able to released consecutively for future years.”said Wenjie Liu,secretary general of China Highway and Transportation Society, and he said that WTC had been an important platform to release “Belt and Road” international transportation standard, indicating that China’s voice and soft power are becoming more and more clear.

Think-tank: Achievements and Standards



“Thanks to WTC, latest specifications and reports were able to released consecutively for future years.”said Wenjie Liu,secretary general of China Highway and Transportation Society, and he said that WTC had been an important platform to release “Belt and Road” international transportation standard, indicating that China’s voice and soft power are becoming more and more clear.

International Participating: More Than 800 International Attendees



During the conference, more than 800 international representatives from over 50 countries registered to take part in the convention. The organizing committee received 1823 papers, among which English thesis was up to 575, almost 1/3 of the total. On the opening ceremony, Chairman of the International Road Federation, minister of communications of the Federal Republic of Nigeria,minister of the ministry of transport of the Republic of Latvia,minister of the ministry of transport and communications of the Federal Republic of Myanmar,minister of the ministry of roads and Bridges of the Republic of South Sudan,minister of infrastructure and communications of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal delivered their speech on the ceremony.

Influential: More Than 80 Mainstream Media Reported the Convention


WTC2018 received international attention. More than 80 main stream media home and abroad reported the convention, including CCTV, China Daily, Xinhua News Agency, Beijing Daily, and Financial Times.Besides, Guang Ming Daily, the Paper,as well as Wechat and Micro blog of ministry of transport and Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) competed in delivering the latest news of the opening ceremony and forum. Beijing attracted worldwide attention in June, and China spoke loudly in WTC2018 in transportation field.