2021 World Transport Convention

Call for Abstracts!WTC2019 International Student Forum

Date:2019-02-25 Origin:中国公路学会

The WTC Standing Committees are pleased to sponsor a special hybrid session, highlighting research work by international students to promote understanding and future cooperation between China and countries along the “Belt and Road.” With the theme of "Transportation Studies", international students can present their research work in the form of podium presentations or posters. As an alternative to their research work in China, international students can also take advantage of the forum to introduce current practices of transportation in their home countries, including topics such as transportation infrastructure, traffic operations and management, standards and specifications, emerging technologies and their impact, as well as transportation culture.   The session will be held as a part of the 2019 World Transportation Convention to be held in Beijing. International students currently enrolled in China as undergraduate, master’s or doctoral students are welcome to submit an abstract. The abstract should have an title and be approximately 1000 words; along with the abstract, the author should also include his/her background information in English or Chinese. The Abstract Template can be downloaded from the official website of WTC: https://www.wtc-conference.com/.The research abstract should be submitted via the WTC2019  paper submission system at https://www.wtc-conference.com/ , by choosing JC0702 International Student Forum for the track-subject-committee, and at the same time, sending a copy to Dr. Li Tang (tangli@mail.xhu.edu.cn) with the subject line"WTC2019 International Student Transportation Studies Forum". Students should NOT re-submit a paper/abstract that has already been submitted to other WTC sessions. The deadline for submission is March 31, 2019. Authors will be notified by April 30, 2019 as to whether their abstracts are accepted for the session, including the time and venue of the session in the conference program. For authors whose submissions are accepted, the registration fee for attending the WTC2019 will be waived and a certificate of ”International Student Transportation Studies Forum” issued. We are looking forward to your participation in this exciting session!For questions and comments, please contact Dr. Li Tang (tangli@mail.xhu.edu.cn), Prof. Zhigang Xu (xuzhigang@chd.edu.cn), or Prof. Xingju Wang (wangxingju@stdu.edu.cn).