2019 World Transport Convention

Belt & Road Forum on China-Africa Transport Infrastructure Cooperation
Date:Jul 31, 2018


As one of the important part of WTC2018, the Belt & Road Forum on China-Africa Transport Infrastructure Cooperation took place in June, 2018 as scheduled. The forum is hosted by China Highway & Transportation Society, co-sponsored by Southern Africa -China Transportation Cooperation Center(SACTCC) and China-Africa Transportation Strategy Research Institute(CATSRI)of Chang’An University. 

With the strengthening of China-Africa relationship and connection, the cooperation on development of infrastructure has gain strong prosper. The forum focus on transport infrastructure opportunities and concerns, via discussion on project investment, collaborative management and technology innovation etc. The forum is composed of two parts as Transport Infrastructure Development in Africa and the Case Studies on China-Africa Co-operations, as well as Fast Moving Load Simulator Technologies and Accelerating Pavement Testing Innovations. 



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