2021 World Transport Convention

Public Transportation Planning and Operation

CODE Technical Committee (TC) Name Institute Position
GH0501 Public transportation network planning Sun Jun(Chair)Nanjing Institute of City & Transport Planning Co.,Ltd.Professor Senior Planner/Vice-General Manager
Quan Bo(Member)CAUPD Beijing Planning and Design Consultants CoProfessorate Senior Engineer / Vice Chief Engineer
Chen Xuewu(Member)School of Transportation, Southeast UniversityProfessor
Li Wenquan(Member)Southeast UniversityProfessor
Lü Guolin(Member)Shenzhen Urban Transport Planning Center CO..LTDSenior Engineer/Professional Chief Engineer
Gu Yuanli(Member)Beijing Jiaotong UnivesityAssociate Professor
An Kun(Member)Tongji UniversityProfessor
Guo Zhong(Member)China Academy of Transportation ScienceAssociate Professor / Deputy director
Zhao De(Member)Southeast UniversityAssociate Professor
Zheng Meng(Member)Wuhan Transport Strategy InstituteDepartment Director
Wu Xianyu(Member)BeijingJiaotongUniversity, School of Traffic and TransportationAssociate Professor
Li Zhi(Member)Shenzhen Urban Transport Planning & Design InstituteSenior engineer / Deputy chief engineer
Sun Xun(Member)Beijing Jiaotong UniversityInstructor
Li Tengfei(Member)Webus Holding LtdPresident Business Assistant
Chen Yang(Member)Nanjing Institute of City & Transport Planning Co., Ltd.Senior Urban Planner / Deputy Director
GH0502 Integrated TOD Planning and Operation Zhou Jiangping(Chair)University of Hong KongAssociate Professor
Du Hongbo(Co-chair)Dongguan Uban Planning and Design InstituteDeputy Chief Engineer
Cao Guohua(Member)Jiangsu institute of urban planning and designvice president
Sun Guibo(Member)University of Hong KongAssitant Professor
Zhuo Jian(Member)Tongji UniversityProfessor
Wang Hao(Member)China Sustainable Transport CenterManager
Lü Yingzhi(Member)Fujian University of TechnologyAssociate Professor
Liu Xianteng(Member)Jiangxi University of Economics and FinacneAssociate Professor
Gu Peiqin(Member)Being CityDNA Inc.CTO
Li Wei(Member)Texas A&M UniversityAssociate Professor
Cui Xu(Member)Southwest Jiaotong UniversityProfessor
Wang Shusheng(Member)Jiangsu institute of urban planning and designVice Principal Planner
Sheng Zhiqian(Member)China Academy of Urban Planning and DesignVice Principal Engineer
GH0503 Operation and Management of public transportation system Jiao Pengpeng(Chair)Beijing University of Civil Engineering and ArchitectureProfessor
Chen Xumei(Co-chair)Beijing Jiaotong UniversityProfessor
Hu Qizhou(Member)Nanjing University of Science & TechnologyProfessor
Peng Xiao(Member)China Academy of Transportation ScienceProfessor
Liu Dongmei(Member)Research Institute Of Highwayprofessor-level senior engineer
Yu Lijun(Member)South China University of TechnologyAssociate Professor
Zhu Lin(Member)Shanghai University of Engineering Scienceassociate professor
Sun Zhiyuan(Member)Beijing University of TechnologyAssociate Professor
Wei Ming(Member)Civil aviation university of ChinaAssociate professor
Gao Yong(Member)ShenZhen Urban Transport Planning Centervice president/senior engineer
Sun Xu(Member)Beijing University of Civil Engineering and ArchitectureLecturer
Wu Jiaqing(Member)Beijing Public Transport CooperationDepartment head
Liu Kun(Member)Shanghai Municipal & Traffic Design Institute Co.,Ltd.Chief Engineer of Comprehensive Transportation Office
GH0504 Promoting Public Transit Services and Reshaping Urban Forms Wu Sufeng(Chair)China Academy of Urban Planning & DesignProfessor of Engineering
Dai Yaxin(Member)China Academy of Urban Planning & DesignProfessor of Engineering
Peng Chunlu(Member)Shanghai Municipal Transport Research Centersenior engineer
Zhang Chun(Member)Beijing Jiaotong UniversityAssociate Professor
Huang Bin(Member)Beijing Municipal Institute of City Planning & DesignProfessor
Zhang Weibin(Member)Nanjing University of Science and TechnologyProfessor
Liu Xiaochun(Member)Xuzhou Huacheng planning and Design Consulting Co., LtdAssociate Professor
Yue Lin(Member)Tianjin tianle international engineering Consulting Co., LtdProfessor of Engineering/Registered Consulant
Jiang Yang(Member)China Sustainable Transportation CenterSenior Planner
Duan Zhengyu(Member)Tongji UniversityAssociate Professor
Liu Ziran(Member)Jiaxing Road Administration Bureau/Office of Jiaxing leading group for urban traffic congestion controlDeputy director
Fu Lingfeng(Member)Urban Transport Institute, China Academy of Urban Planning & Designsenior engineer/Director of Data Application & Innovation Center