2021 World Transport Convention

Subgrade Geotech

CODE Technical Committee (TC) Name Institute Position
GL0501 Highway Engineering Geology Zhao Gaofeng(Chair)Tianjin UniversityProfessor
Cai Guojun(Co-chair)Southeast University, School of TransportationProfessor
GL0502 Property and Constitutive Model of Soil Liu Enlong(Chair)Northwest Institute of Eco-Environment and Resources, Chinese Academy of SciencesProfessor
Pu Hefu(Co-chair)Huazhong University of Science & TechnologyProfessor
GL0503 Comprehensive Design, Treatment and Reinforcement of Embankment Kang Xin(Chair)Hunan UniversityProfessor
Huang Jie(Co-chair)The University of Texas at San Antonioassociate professor
GL0504 Embankment Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Su Lijun(Chair)Institute of Mountain Hazards and Environment, Chinese Academy of SciencesProfessor
Zhou Wanhuan(Co-chair)University of MacauDepartment Head
GL0505 Embankment in Special Region Wu Lizhou(Chair)Chengdu University of TechnologyProfessor
Zhang Jun(Co-chair)Shanxi Transportation Technology Research & Development Co., LtdGeneral Manager