2021 World Transport Convention

Port Operations and Management

CODE Technical Committee (TC) Name Institute Position
SS0201 Maritime Governance and Policy Making Ge Ying-En(Chair)Shanghai Maritime UniversityDean & Professor, Associate Editor for Maritime Policy & Management, Transportation Research Part D, Transport and Transportmetrica B
Xiaodan Jiang(Member)Shanghai Maritime UniversityAssistant Professor
Chen Qiong(Member)Shanghai Maritime UniversityPhD student
Jian Zheng(Member)Shanghai Maritime UniversityAssociate Professor
Xuehao Feng(Member)Zhejiang UniversityAssociate Professor
SS0202 Shipping Operations and Management Kevin Cullinane(Chair)University of GothenburgProfessor, Associate Editor, Transportation Research Parts A and D
Wendy Shi(Co-chair)University of Tasmania, AustraliaLecturer
Wen Xin(Member)Shanghai Maritime UniversityPhD student
Li Shuhan(Member)Shanghai Maritime UniversityPhD student
Ding Liu(Member)Hong Kong Polytechnic UniversityAssociate Professor
Xiaofan Wu(Member)Hong Kong Polytechnic UniversityAssociate Professor
SS0203 Port Investment and Pricing Liu Qing(Chair)University of Hamburg Dean & Professor
Wang Wenyuan(Member)Dalian University of TechnologyAssociate Professor/Deputy Director
Chen Jihong(Member)Shanghai Maritime UniversityProfessor /Head of Department
Xiaofan Wu(Member)Hong Kong Polytechnic UniversityAssistant Professor
SS0204 Port Competition and Cooperation Zheng Shiyuan(Chair)Shanghai Maritime UniversityProfessor
Xu Qi(Member)dalian maritime universityAssistant Professor
Hang Yu(Member)Shanghai maritime universityAssistant Professor
Mengjie Jin(Member)Chung-Ang UniversityAssistant Professor
Li Na(Member)Dalian Maritime UniversityAssistant Professor
Xiaolin Sun(Member)Shanghai Maritime UniversityAssociate Professor
SS0205 Smart Ports Zhong Meisu(Chair)Shanghai Maritime UniversityPhD
Zhang Qiang(Member)Shanghai Maritime UniversityAssociate Professor
Zhaojun Wang(Member)University of DelawarePostdoc scholar
Zhang Yang(Member)Shanghai Maritime UniversityAssistant Professor