2021 World Transport Convention

Road engineering materials

CODE Technical Committee (TC) Name Institute Position
GL0301 Processing, characterization and performances of asphalt and other binders Zhu Xingyi(Chair)Tongji UniversityProfessor
Andrew Braham(Co-chair)University of ArkansasAssociate Professor
Yan Guojie(Member)Shanghai Puxing Road and Bridge Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.
Kai Liu(Member)汽车与交通工程学院Associate Professor / Director
Guo Naisheng(Member)Dalian Maritime UniversityProfessor
Kan Lili(Member)University of Shanghai for Science and Technologyassociate professor
Zheng Xiaoguang(Member)Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design General Institute(Group)Co.,LtdThe Director of Road and Traffic Research Institute/Professor Senior Engineer
Wu Hao(Member)Central South UniversityProf.
Yan Yu(Member)Tongji UniversityResearcher
Ling Hongwei(Member)Shanghai Pudong Architectural Design & Research Institute Co.,Ltd.Senior Engineer
Liu Quantao(Member)Wuhan University of TechnologyProfessor
Wang Chao(Member)Beijing University of TechnologyAssociate Professor
GL0302 Design and Evaluation of Asphalt Mixtures Yan Kezhen(Chair)土木工程学院professor
Ellie Fini(Co-chair)Arizona State UniversityAssociate Professor
Yang Xu(Co-chair)Chang'an University, Monash UniversityProfessor
GL0303 Processing, characterization and performances of cement and cement concrete Quan Lei(Chair)Research Institute of Highway, Ministry of TransportAssociate Research Scientist
Armen Amirkhanian(Co-chair)University of AlabamaAssistant Professor
Yang Zhengxian(Member)College of Civil Engineering,Fuzhou UniversityProfessor
Zhou Yongxiang(Member)China Academy of Building ResearchResearch Scientist
Ren Dongya(Member)Southwest Jiaotong UniversityAssistant Professor
Li Lihui(Member)Research Institute of Highway, Ministry of TransportAssociate Research Scientist
Li Gang(Member)Liaoning Construction Science Research Institute Co. LTDSenior Engineer
Wang Zilong(Member)China United Concrete Nanjing Co., LtdSenior Engineer
Zhang Yongquan(Member)Inner Mongolia UniversityAssistant professor
Chen Liangliang(Member)Broadvision Engineering ConsultantsSenior Engineer/Deputy Director
GL0304 Processing, characterization and performances of aggregate and other base materials Miao Yinghao(Chair)University of Science and Technology BeijijngAssociate Professor
Qingli Dai(Co-chair)Michigan Technological UniversityProfessor
Shi Xijun(Member)Texas State UniversityAssistant Professor
Jing Peng(Member)College of Metropolitan Transportation, Beijing University of TechnologyAssistant Professor
GL0305 Development of novel and functional materials in road engineering Sun Daquan(Chair)Tongji UniversityProfessor
Shi Xianmin(Co-chair)Washington State UniversityAssociate Professor