2021 World Transport Convention

Aspahlt pavement

CODE Technical Committee (TC) Name Institute Position
GL0101 Numerical Modelling of Pavement Structure and Materials Liu Yu(Chair)Chang'an UnivsersityDirector of Innovative Education Center
Lü Songtao(Co-chair)Changsha University of Science and TechnologyProfessor
Yang Xu(Member)Chang'an University, Monash UniversityProfessor
Xu Xinquan(Member)Guangdong Hualu Transport Technology Co.,Ltd.Chief Engineer
Zhou Changhong(Member)Dalian University of TechnologyAssistant Professor
Li Zhi(Member)South China University of TechnologyAssociate Professor
Yao Hui(Member)Beijing University of TechnologyProfessor
Zhu Xingyi(Member)Tongji UniversityProfessor
Xing Qinyan(Member)Tsinghua UniversityAssociate Professor
Hou Gui(Member)Inner Mongolia Transportation Construction Engineering Quality Supervision BureauChief Engineer
Zhang Honggang(Member)Guangxi Transportation Science and Technology Group Co.,Ltd.Senior Engineer
Liao Gongyun(Member)Southeast UniversityAssociate Professor
Mu Ke(Member)CCCC First Highway Consultants Co., LTDSenior Engineer
Hao Menghui(Member)Henan Provincial Communications Planning, Survey & Design Institute Co., LTDSenior Engineer
Xu Huining(Member)Harbin Institute of TechnologyFull Professor
Sun Yangyong(Member)Guangdong  Jianke Quality Testing Center of Traffic Engineering Co., LtdChief Engineer
Qiu Zhixiong(Member)Guangdong Expressway Co.,LtdSenior Engineer
GL0102 Functional Asphalt and Polymer-based Pavement Chen Xianhua(Chair)Southeast UniversityProfessor
Ghim Ping Ong(Co-chair)National University of SingaporeAssistant Professor
Jiang Wei(Co-chair)Chang'an UniversityProfessor/Assistant Dean
Si Chundi(Member)School of Traffic and Transportation, Shijiazhuang Tiedao UniversityProfessor/Deputy Dean
Niu Yanhui(Member)Changan UniversityProfessor
Liu Pengfei(Member)RWTH Aachen UniversitySenior research engineer
JI Tianjian(Member)Nanjing University of Aeronautics and AstronauticsAssociate Professor
Yao Bo(Member)Nanjing University of Science and TechnologyAssociate Professor
Gong Minghui(Member)Jiangsu Sobute New Materials Co. LtdSenior R&D Engineer/Research Director
Liu Song(Member)Nanjing Forestry UniversityLecturer
Wang Siqi(Member)University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignPhD researcher
Lu Guoyang(Member)Hongkong PolyUResearch assistant professor
Chu Longjia(Member)公路学院Lecturer
Wang Haopeng(Member)Delft University of TechnologyPhD researcher
Zeng Yong(Member)Anhui wutong changjiang expressway Co.,Ltd.General Manager
Wang Shifeng(Member)Shanghai Jiao Tong UniversityProfessor
Pan Youqiang(Member)Jiangsu sinoroad Transportation Science and Technology Co.LTDVice-president
Lu Haizhu(Member)Jiangsu Expressway Engineering Maintenance Technology Co.,Ltdengineer/deputy director engineer
GL0103 Pavement Structure Design and Performance Evaluation Ai Changfa(Chair)The School of Civil Engineering,SWJTUProfessor
Haider Syed Waqar(Co-chair)College of EngineeringAssociate Professor
Li Ping(Co-chair)Changsha university of science and technologyassociate professor/ vice dean
Lü Songtao(Member)Changsha University of Science and TechnologyProfessor
Mao Cheng(Member)Sichuan Highway Planning,Survey,Design and Researh Institute Ltd.Professorate Senior Engineer
Wang Huoming(Member)China merchants group Chongqing communications scientific research design institute co., ltdSenior engineer
Yang Enhui(Member)Southwest Jiaotong UniversityAssociate Professor
Li Bo(Member)Lanzhou Jiaotong UniversityProfessor
Wu Dahong(Member)Guizhou Transportation Planning Survey & Design Academe Co., Ltd.Researcher
Yu Huanan(Member)Changsha University of Science & TechnologyProfessor/N.A
Xiong Jianping(Member)Guangxi Transportation Scinence and Technology Group CO.,LTDSenior Engineer/
Zhang Yangpeng(Member)Guangxi Transportation Scinence and Technology Group CO.,LTDIntermediate Engineer
Li Xi(Member)Changsha University of Science and Technologylecturer
Zhang Dongmei(Member)Changsha University of Science and Technologylecturer
GL0104 Special Regional Environment and Accelerated Pavement Testing Mei Yingjun(Chair)CHONGQING JIAOTONG UNIVERSITYProfessor/Deputy Dean
Gu Fan(Co-chair)National Center for Asphalt TechnologyAssistant Research Professor
Shan Liyan(Co-chair)Harbin Institute of TechnologyProfessor
Xu Yongli(Member)Northeast Forestry UniversityAssociate professor/Field leader
Wei Jincheng(Member)Shandong Academy of Transportation SciencesDirector / researcher
Li Xiao(Member)Broadvision Engineering Consultants Co. Ltd.Senior research engineer
Wang Min(Member)China Merchants Chongqing Communications Technology Research & Design Institute Co., Ltd.Research prpfesspr/Deputy director
Kong Lingyun(Member)Chongqing Jiaotong UniversityProfessor
Zhou Xingye(Member)Research Institute of Highway Ministry of TransportResearch fellow
GL0105 Pavement Skid Resistance and Surface Characteristics Yu Jiangmiao(Chair)South China University of TechnologyProfessor/Head of Department
Wang Hao(Co-chair)Rutgers UniversityAssociate Professor
Wang Dawei(Co-chair)Harbin Institute of TechnologyProfessor. Assistant Dean
Xu Ouming(Member)Chang'an UniversityProfessor
Li Hui(Member)Tongji UniversityProfessor
Xu Xinquan(Member)Guangdong Hualu Transport Technology Co.,Ltd.Chief Engineer
Zhang Yuan(Member)University of Wisconsin - MadisonResearch Associate
Li Weixiong(Member)Xiaoning Institute of Road EngineeringSenior Engineer
Liu Yu(Member)Guangxi Communications Investment Technology Co., LtdProfessorate Senior Engineer/Vice General Manager
Bai Qifeng(Member)Nanjing Runcheng Engineering Consulting Co., LtdGeneral Manager/Professor-level senior engineer
Yu Huayang(Member)South China University of TechnologynAssociate Professor
Wu Jiangfeng(Member)Ministry of Transport Research Institute of Highwaypostdoctor、 research assistant
Yao Hui(Member)Beijing University of TechnologyProfessor
Hou Yue(Member)Beijing University of TechnologyProfessor