2021 World Transport Convention

Future Transportation and Sustainable Developments

CODE Technical Committee (TC) Name Institute Position
GH0901 Planning and Policy for Future Transportation Yang Ming(Chair)Nanjing Institute of City and Transportation Planning,Co.Ltd.Associate Director
Shao Dan(Co-chair)shanghai urban-rural construction and transportation development research instituteAssociate Chief engineer
Deng Runfei(Member)China Design Group Co.LTDSenior Engineer / Chief Planner
Sun Huacan(Member)Urbanisation and Urban Rural Planning Research Centre of JIANGSUsenior engineer
Guo Yuxuan(Member)WSP GlobalGIS Developer
Huang Cheng(Member)Shanghai Academy of Environmental SciencesSenior Engineer/Director
Li Jiabin(Member)Hangzhou City Planning and Design AcademyEngineer
Song Jiahua(Member)SUTPCVP
Wang Yifang(Member)Shanghai Urban Comprehensive Transportation Planning Technology Consulting Co., Ltd.Chief Engineer
Ye Mao(Member)Nanjing University of Science and Technologyassociate professor
Zheng Changjiang(Member)Hohai UniversityProfessor / Director
Zhu Hong(Member)Shanghai Urban and Rural Construction and Transportation Development Research InstituteDeputy Director
GH0902 New Technology and Application for Future Transportation Qiu Jiandong(Chair)Shenzhen Urban Transportation  Planning Center Urban Transportation Research InstituteDirector
Zou Liang(Co-chair)Shenzhen UniversityVice Dean
Tan Yingjia(Member)shenzhen transportation design&research institutesenior engineer/Director of big data center
Yang Tao(Member)Shenzhen Urban Planning & Land Resource Research CenterVice Excuitive Director
Wei He(Member)Beijing Institute of City PlanningEnginner
Zheng Meng(Member)Wuhan Transport Strategy InstituteDepartment Director
Wei Ming(Member)Civil aviation university of ChinaAssociate professor
Su Yuejiang(Member)Guangzhou Transport Research Institute,Guangzhou Public Transport Research CenterMinister ,Senior engineer
Shen Wenchao(Member)Guangzhou xueshujia Software Technology Co., LtdPresident
Mo Yikui(Member)Shenzhen UniversityAssociate Professor
Yu Mingzhu(Member)Shenzhen UniversityAssociate Professor
Xue Zhaojie(Member)Shenzhen UniversityAssistant Professor
Li Linchao(Member)Shenzhen UniversityAssistant Professor
Zhu Lingiang(Member)South China Agricultural UniversityAssistant Professor
Guo Li(Member)Shenzhen Urban Planning & Land Resource Research CentreSenior Engineer/ Principle Planner
GH0903 Mobility as a Service Research and Implementation Liu Xianglong(Chair)China Academy of Trasnporation SciencesProfessor/Director
Du Bowen(Co-chair)Beihang UniversityProfessor
Xie Zhendong(Member)Guangzhou Yangchengtong Co.,Ltd,Guangzhou Public Transport Group Co., LtdProfessorate Senior Engineer/Chairman,General Manager ,CDO of Guangzhou Public Transport Group
Peng Chunlu(Member)Shanghai Municipal Transport Research Centersenior engineer
Xiao Randong(Member)Beijing Transportation Information CenterSenior Engineer
Zhu Xianglei(Member)China Automotive Technology & Research Center Co.,Ltdprofessor of engineering /Chief Engineer
Teng Jing(Member)Tongji UniversityProf./Department Head
Yang Fei(Member)Southwest Jiaotong UniversityProfessor/Department Dean
Fang Zhixiang(Member)Wuhan UniversityProfessor
Li Ruimin(Member)Tsinghua UniversityAssociate Professor
Li Dawei(Member)Southeast UniversityAssociate Professor
Yu Haiyang(Member)Beihang UniversityAssociate professor/The director of Intelligent Transportation System of Beihang university
Ren Yilong(Member)Beihang UniversityLecturer
Li Linchao(Member)Shenzhen UniversityAssistant Professor
Tao Zhuolin(Member)Department of Urban Planning and Design, The University of Hong KongPost Doctoral Fellow
Li Xiangjing(Member)China Academy of Trasnporation SciencesAssistant Professor
GH0904 Zero Emission and Sustainable Transportation Actions Liu Ying(Chair)Beijing Transport InstituteDirector of Energy & Environment Center
Ghim Ping ONG(Co-chair)National University of SingaporeAssistant Professor
Zhuge Chengxiang(Member)The Hong Kong Polytechnic UniversityAssistant Professor
Yang Tianren(Member)University of CambridgeResearch Associate
Kang Liping(Member)Didi GlobalSenior Expert, Govermental Affairs
Wang Pinxi(Member)Beijing Transport InstituteChief engineer
Dou Gang(Member)The new energy vehicles development promotion center of BeijingSenior engineer
Zhao De(Member)Southeast UniversityAssociate Professor
Qin Zhidong(Member)Beiqi Foton Motor Co.,Ltd.Platform Director,New Engrgy Vehicle Project House Vice President of Automotive Engineering Research&Development Institute
Guan Chengyi(Member)Beijing Transport Institutesenior engineer
Zhang Bo(Member)China Automotive Technology & Research Center Co., Ltd.Senior engineer
LI Xuenan(Member)Energy internet Research Institute,Tsinghua UniversitySenior engineer
Ji Xuehong(Member)North China University of TechnologyProfessor
Zhang Fan(Member)China Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Promotion AllianceSenior engineer