2021 World Transport Convention

traffic survey and data analysis

CODE Technical Committee (TC) Name Institute Position
JT0101 New methods and techniques in traffic survey Ma Chaoqun(Chair)Chang'an UniversityAssociate
Shi Jingqing(Member)Zhejiang Normal UniversityAssociate Professor
JT0102 Visualization in Transportation Du Muqing(Chair)Hohai UniversityAssociate
JT0103 Traffic System Performance Evaluations Tang Xiaoyong(Chair)Chongqing Transport Planning and Research InstituteDeputy chief engineer
Lou Xiaoming(Member)Zhejiang Development & Planning InstituteSenior Engineer
Chu Zhaoming(Member)Road Traffic Safety Research Center of the Ministry of Public SecurityAssisstant Researcher
Ji Kui(Member)Jiangsu Institute of Urban Planning and DesignEngineer
Zhou Bojian(Member)Southeast UniversityAssociate Professor
Wang Hongyong(Member)Civil Aviation University of ChinaAssociate Professor
Lu Shunda(Member)Shenzhen Urban Transport Planning and Design Research Center Co., Ltd.Engineer
Huang Zhipeng(Member)Hefei University of TechnologyAssistant Professor
JT0104 Traffic Behavior Analysis Liu Kai(Chair)Dalian University of TechnologyProfessor
Zhu Senlai(Member)Nantong UniversityAssociate Professor
Fu Xiao(Member)Southeast UniversityAssociate Professor
Sun Bao(Member)China Design Group Co.,Ltd.Chief engineer
Xue Yunqiang(Member)East China Jiaotong UniversityAssistant Professor
Tang Wenyun(Member)Nanjing Forestry UniversityAssistant Professor
JT0105 Data Mining in Transportation Bai Hua(Chair)China Design Groupsenior engineer/director
Li Dawei(Member)Southeast UniversityAssociate Professor
JT0106 BigData in Transportation Liu Zhi Yuan(Chair)Southeast UniversityProfessor
Zhou Jun(Member)Huaiyin Institute of TechnologyAssociate Professor
Zhang Wenbo(Member)Southeast UniversityAssistant Professor
Chen Ran(Member)Jiangsu Police InstituteAssistant Professor
Wang Meng(Member)Southeastern UniversityAssistant Professor
Tong Weiping(Member)Southeastern UniversityAssistant Professor
Shao Juan(Member)Beijing Traffic Engineering AssociationEngineer
Sun Chao(Member)Jiangsu UniversityAssistant Professor