2021 World Transport Convention

Traffic Engineering

CODE Discipline Name Institute Position
JT01 traffic survey and data analysis Cheng Lin(Chair)Southeastern UniversityProfessor
Zhang Junyi(Co-chair)Yokohima UniversityProfessor
Tao Cheng(Co-chair)University College LondonProfessor
JT02 Transport Facilities Planning Chen Xuewu(Chair)School of Transportation, Southeast UniversityProfessor
Nie Yu (Marco)(Co-chair)Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Northwestern UniversityProfessor
Fan Dongtao(Co-chair)CHINA DESIGN GROUP CO.LTDVice president of CDG; Dean of planning Academy
JT03 Traffic System Design Ma Wanjing(Chair)Tongji UnivercityProfessor
Zhao Yixin(Co-chair)China Academy of Urban Planning and DesignDean
Feng Tao(Co-chair)Department of the Built EnvironmentAssociate Professor
JT04 Traffic Management and Control Chen Xiqun(Chair)Zhejiang UniversityProfessor
Lei Zhang(Co-chair)University of MarylandProfessor
Zong Tian(Co-chair)University of Nevada, RenoProfessor
JT05 Transportation Safety and Environment Huang Helai(Chair)Central South UniversityProfessor
Song Guohua(Co-chair)Beijing Jiaotong UniversityProfessor
Qin Xiao(Co-chair)University of Wisconsin-MilwaukeeProfessor
Wen Huiying(Co-chair)South China University of TechnologyProfessor