2021 World Transport Convention

Tunnel structure theory and design method

CODE Technical Committee (TC) Name Institute Position
SD0101 Advanced concept and design of deep and long tunnels Zhang Zhiqiang(Chair)Southwest Jiaotong UniversityProfessor
Yu Haitao(Co-chair)Tongji UniversityProfessor
Zheng Yuchao(Member)Southwest Jiaotong UniversityAsociate Professor
Sun Keguo(Member)Southwest Jiaotong UniversityAsociate Professor
Zhang Huijian(Member)Southwest Jiaotong UniversityAsociate Professor
Zhang Junru(Member)Southwest Jiaotong UniversityAsociate Professor
Zhang Yang(Member)Southwest Jiaotong UniversitySenior Engineer
Li Huayun(Member)Xihua UniversityAsociate Professor
Zhao Huiling(Member)Shanghai UniversityAssociate Professor
Chen Su(Member)Institute of Geophysics, China Earthquake AdministrationAssociate professor 
Huang Jingqi(Member)University of Science &Technology BeijingLecturer
Li Pan(Member)Soochow UniversityAssociate Professor
Li Yadong(Member)Guangzhou UniversityAssistant professor
Ma Chao(Member)Beijing University of Civil Engineering and ArchitectureLecturer
Wu Jun(Member)Shanghai University of Engineering ScienceAssociate Professor
Yao Xupeng(Member)Tongji UniversitySenior Engineer
Wang Hui(Member)Shanghai Jiao Tong UniversityAssistant Professor
Ai Qing(Member)Shanghai Jiao Tong UniversityAssistant Professor
Jiang Luzhen(Member)Hebei University of Science and TechnologyAssociate Professor
Li Chong(Member)Tongji UniversityAssistant researcher
Liu Zhongxian(Member)Tianjin Chengjian UniversityProfessor
Ba Zhenning(Member)Tianjin UniversityProfessor
Wang Zhengzheng(Member)Dalian University of TechnologyAssociate Professor
Wu Yongxin(Member)Hohai UniversityProfessor
Dong Zhengfang(Member)Henan UniversityAssociate professor
Zhang Yiming(Member)Hebei University of TechnologyProfessor
SD0102 Tunnel design of special geotechnical and unfavorable geology Li Pengfei(Chair)Beijing University of TechnologyProfessor
Qiao Xiong(Co-chair)School of Civil Engineering,Lanzhou University of TechnologyAssociate Professor
Li Yao(Member)Chang'an UniversityAssociate professor
Chen Lijun(Member)Chang’an UniversityLecturer
Hu Taotao(Member)Chang'an UniversityLecturer
Wang Chuanwu(Member)Chang'an UniversityLecturer
Zhu Tantan(Member)Chang'an UniversityLecturer
Li Shengjie(Member)Gansu luqiao highway investment co.LTDSenior engineer
Wang Yonggang(Member)Gansu Province Transportation Planning, Survey & Design Institute Co. LTD.Professorate Senior Engineer
Tian Guoqin(Member)Gansu road and Bridge Construction Group Co., LtdEenior Engineer
Du Yao Hui(Member)School of Civil Engineering, Lanzhou Jiaotong UniversityAssociate Professor
Li Yuping(Member)Gansu Provice Transportant Planning,Survey&Desing Institute Co.,LTD.Professor of Engineering
Ji Yunping(Member)China Railway First Survey and Design Institute Group Co., Ltd.(lanzhou Railway Survey and Design Institute Group Co., Ltd.)Deputy Director of the Design Institute/ Senior Engineer
Wang Guanghui(Member)China Railway Tunnel Bureau Group Co., Ltd.Professor of Engineering
Yang Kui(Member)Jsti GroupSenior Engineer
Cao Keqiang(Member)Jsti GroupSenior Engineer
SD0103 Planning and Design of Subway and Urban Underground Space Fang Qian(Chair)Beijing Jiaotong UniversityProfessor
Huang Jun(Co-chair)Jsti GroupProfessorate Senior Engineer/Dean
Zou Dahai(Member)Jsti GroupSenior Engineer/Chief Engineer
Ma Bo(Member)Jsti GroupSenior Engineer
Zhang Xiaojun(Member)Jsti GroupSenior Engineer