2021 World Transport Convention

Maritime Logistics and Supply Chains

CODE Technical Committee (TC) Name Institute Position
SS0401 Cross-Border E-commerce and Bonded Logistics Yang Bin(Chair)Shanghai Maritime UniversityDean & Professor
Wan Zheng(Member)Shanghai Maritime UniversityAssociate Professor
Yang Chen(Member)Shanghai Maritime UniversityAssociate Professor
SS0402 Maritime Transport Networks and Logistics Chains Sha Mei(Chair)Shanghai Maritime UniversityProfessor, Deputy Director of Research Office
Paul Tae-Woo Lee(Co-chair)Zhejiang UniversityProfessor, Associate Editor, Transportation Research Part E
Lagoudis Ioannis(Member)National University of AthenAssistant Professor
Shen Lixin(Member)dalian maritime universityProfessor
Ling Sun(Member)Shanghai Maritime universityAssistant Professor
Junliang He(Member)Shanghai Maritime universityProfessor
SS0403 Inland Distribution Networks and Underground Logistics Liang Chengji(Chair)Shanghai Maritime UniversityProfessor
Wang Wei(Member)Hohai UniversityAssociate Professor/Deputy Director
Xu Lang(Member)Shanghai Maritime UniversityAssistant Professor
SS0404 Multimodal Transport and Sea-Land Integration Transport Jin Zhihong(Chair)Daliann Maritime UniversityDean & Professor
Jason Monios(Co-chair)Kedge Business School, FranceAssociate Professor
Sun Kechao(Member)China Academy of Transportation ScienceSenior Engineer
Chu Liangyong(Member)Jimei UniversityAssociate Professor
Huang Daozheng(Member)Shanghai Maritime UniversityAssistant Professor