2021 World Transport Convention

Air Transport

CODE Discipline Name Institute Position
HK01 Air Traffic Information Engineering Du Wenbo(Chair)Beihang UniversityProfessor
Wu Dapeng(Co-chair)University of FloridaProfessor
Tong Lu(Contact)Beihang UniversityAssistant Researcher
HK02 Air Transport Management Zhao Yifei(Chair)Civil Aviation University of ChinaDean/Professor
Yu Zhang(Co-chair)University of south FloridaAssociate Professor
Wang Xinglong(Contact)Civil Aviation University of ChinaAssistant Researcher
HK03 Aviation Safety and Efficiency Pan Weijun(Chair)Civil Aviation Flight University of ChinaDean/Professor
Shao Quan(Co-chair)Nanjing University of Aeronautics and AstronauticsAssociate Professor / Director
Ai Yi(Contact)Civil Aviation Flight University of Chinalecturer
HK04 UAS and General Aviation Lü Renli(Chair)China Civil Aviation Cadre Management CollegeResearcher / Director
Luo Jinfa(Co-chair)Nanyang Technological UniversityProfessor
Tang Jinhui(Co-chair)State Key Laboratory of Airspace TechnologySenior Engineer / Deputy Director
Guan Xiangmin(Contact)China Civil Aviation Cadre Management CollegeAssociate Professor
HK05 Airport Engineering Zhao Hongduo(Chair)Tongji UniversityAssociate Dean / Professor
Wang Hao(Co-chair)Rutgers UniversityAssociate Professor
Tian Yu(Contact)Tongji UniversityAssistant Professor
HK06 Flight Technology Li Xiuyi(Chair)Civil Aviation Flight University of ChinaDean / Positive Pilot
Yang Dapeng(Co-chair)China Civil Aviation UniversityDean / Senior Engineer
Xu Kaijun(Contact)Civil Aviation Flight University of ChinaProfessor
HK07 Academic Journal Cai Fei(Chair)Editorial Department of Chinese Journal of AeronauticsDirector
Su Lei(Contact)Editorial Department of Chinese Journal of AeronauticsDirector Assistant
Chen Suqing(Member)Editorial Department of Journal of Shenyang Aerospace UniversityDirector
Liu Peipei(Member)Journal of Civil Aviation University of ChinaEditor
Wu Xiaogeng(Member)Editorial Department of Journal of Northwestern Polytechnical UniversityDirector
Zhang Bei(Member)Editorial Office of Transactions of Nanjing University of Aeronautics & AstronauticEditor
Zhang Rong(Member)Editorial Board of Journal of BUAADirector
Zhu Xiangchen(Member)Editorial Board of Journal of Civil Aviation Fligh University of ChinaEditor