2021 World Transport Convention

Smart City

CODE Technical Committee (TC) Name Institute Position
JC0301 Next Generation Comprehensive Transportation in Global Cities Li Dawei(Chair)Southeast UniversityAssociate Professor
Zhang Linhui(Member)Shanghai PDAD & Research Institute Co.,Ltd.Senior Engineer
Liu Zhiyuan(Member)Southeast UniversityProfessor/Deputy Director
Xu Xiangdong(Member)Tongji UniversityAssociate Professor
Du Muqing(Member)Hohai UniversityLecturer
Xu Gang(Member)Capital University of economics and businessLecturer
Ma Jiangshan(Member)Shenzhen Urban Transport Planning Center CO..LTDSenior engineer/Data Analyst
Qi Hongsheng(Member)Zhejiang UniversityAssistant Professor
Sun Jian(Member)Shanghai Jiao Tong UniversityProfessor/Deputy diractor of the institute
Hu Xianbiao(Member)Missouri University of Science and TechnologyPh. D.
JC0302 Intelligent Infrastructure System Bai Qiang(Chair)Chang'an UniversityAssociate Professor
Hong Liu(Member)HuazhongUniversity of Science and TechnologyAssociate Professor
Chen Xiao(Member)Chang'an UniversityLecturer
Liu Yi(Member)Wuhan University of TechnologyLecturer
Liu Shiyong(Member)Southwest Finance and Economics UniversityProfessor
Ouyang Min(Member)HuazhongUniversity of Science and TechnologyAssociate Professor
Feng Zhu(Member)School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, SingaporeAssistant Professor
Anwaar Ahmed(Member)National University of Sciences and Technology, Risalpur, PakistanAssociate Professor
Chen Long(Member)Shanghai PDAD & Research Institute Co.,Ltd.Senior engineer/Deputy chief engineer
Zhang Lihui(Member)Zhejiang UniversityAssistant Professor
Ma Wenjun(Member)Shanghai Jiao Tong UniversityAssociate Professor
JC0303 Geographic Information Systems for Transportation Zhu Yi(Chair)Shanghai University of Finance and EconomicsProfessor
Cheng Shaowu(Member)Harbin Institute of TechnologyAssociate Professor
Bu Lei(Member)Jackson State University Comprehensive Transportation Research InstitutePostdoc scholar
Ma Xiaosu(Member)Southeast UniversityAssociate Research
Zhang Xiaohu(Member)Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology CentrePostdoctral Research Associate
Shen Suwan(Member)University of HawaiiAssistant Professor
Wang Zhanyong(Member)Sun Yat-sen UniversityAssociate Research
Sun Jian(Member)Shanghai Jiao Tong UniversityProfessor/Deputy diractor of the institute
Diao Mi(Member)National University of SingaporeAssociate Professor
Lu Bin(Member)Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design Institute(Group)Co.,LTD.Senior engineer